MTV’s Floribama Shore episode 2 review: Nilsa Prowant wants to remind everyone that 30 is old

Floribama ShoreThe premiere of MTV’s Floribama Shore brought us a cast that we really like! Yes, everyone is there to party and drink and hook up much like the cast from Jersey Shore, but this cast has lived a lot of life for a very young age – something that a lot of the younger generation can relate to. We have people who have been married, have had a miscarriage, have been homeless – really serious stuff, and that’s what makes this cast great. They aren’t just a straight up train-wreck (outside of Kortni Gilson that is), and it will help the viewers not only be entertained by this group, but also come to care for them.

While Nilsa may have been initially worried that Jeremiah was interested in Kortni, it turns out she has nothing to be concerned about after watching him tell Kortni in no uncertain terms that he’s not interested in her. Either way, Nilsa’s mission is to land him. Sorry Gus, looks like that ship has sailed! She’s trying her best to make her intentions clear with Jeremiah and that includes sticking her head into the shower while he’s bathing and flashing certain body parts at him – message received loud and clear! Jeremiah knows that Gus is interested in Nilsa so he’s staying away from her. She’s going to have to try a lot harder than this if she’s going to land him.

The crew has a job working this summer (just like they did on the Jersey Shore), but instead of working at a tee-shirt shop, they are beach valets, where they help with beach chairs and umbrellas etc. Jeremiah meets a girl (Kayla) at the beach and we suspect this is going to turn into a problem especially when he invites her to come and hang out with the crew. The night started out okay, but got a little weird when Kayla made a rude gesture towards Nilsa. Kayla tries to brush it off as innocent, like she was saying hi, but no one is buying into it (we don’t even think Kayla is buying into it). When Kortni gets involved we are expecting a full blow out between these two, but after some fiery words it fizzles out into nothing. The fight did work out in Nilsa’s favor though, because Kayla peaced out at the end of the night and Jeremiah went home alone.

Jeremiah is upset that Kayla was driven off by some of his roommates and eventually Kortni apologizes for being mean to Kayla saying that if she gets the opportunity that she will apologize to her. The opportunity presents it’s self when Kayla shows up at the club they are all at. Nilsa right away starts attacking her looks saying that Kayla looks 30… to which we have to say, is 30 old? We remember a time when young people in their 20’s thought that being 40 was old, but 30? Nilsa then goes on to pick apart the age difference between Kayla and Jeremiah to which we also take issue with. There is a 12 year age difference in my own marriage and there’s never been an issue with it. We mostly feel that Nilsa was going to find something to rip on Kayla about because what this really boils down to is just straight up jealousy.

Later Jeremiah brings Kayla home where Kortni apologizes and becomes her new bff taking shots and sharing clothes with her. Nilsa on the other hand is salty and trying to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible (and she’s still going on and on about how old 30 is). For some reason Codi decides to stick his nose into the situation, but he tells Nisla that she’s wrong to be acting this way, then insults her appearance by saying that she was about to call her ex-husband to get some more plastic surgery from him, then straight up says that Jeremiah will never sleep with her. Way to stir the pot Codi and welcome to the show!

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

This episode had a few nice Easter eggs to the original Jersey Shore series. Anyone remember the duck phone in the Jersey Shore house? Well the Floribama house has an alligator phone! There may not be much in the way of tanning, but going to the gym is still alive and well. Also was anyone else dying to hear Pauly D screaming “cabs are here” when Codi announced they were there only to be disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm about them? There are some things we really like about this show, but we are definitely missing some catch phrases.

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