Longmire season 7: What stories could be touched on in possible movie, miniseries?

Longmire season 7If a Longmire season 7 happens, whether it be as a movie, miniseries, or something else entirely, where could the story go? Based on the ending for the series on Netflix there are many possibilities still out there. (Warning: The following contains spoilers from the season 6 finale.)

The first thing to note here is that there is certainly interest from most of the cast and crew in telling more of Walt Longmire’s story, though that doesn’t mean for certain we’re going to see something like this happen. There are still several hurdles that are in the way, with the main one being sorting out rights / legal issues and finding a new home or way to make it happen financially.

For now, here’s where CarterMatt could see some of these characters’ stories going.

Walt – For our main character, retirement doesn’t signify the end of the road. It’s really just another beginning and another opportunity for him to figure out how to contribute to the world. We anticipate him still playing a role in investigating crimes and it would be rather fun to see him more independent of some of the rules that come with him being a Sheriff. We also want to see what a future with Vic would look like after the two finally got together in the finale.

Vic – She’s going to be one of the biggest voices now within the Sheriff’s Department (presumably), and we could easily see her doing what she can in order to follow in Walt’s footsteps and try to make sure that his legacy lasts. She gets a chance to live her own life and career while coming home to Walt at the end of the day.

Henry – He should have some trouble leading the Four Arrows Casino in the early going, given that he’s not exactly qualified for this line of work. Yet, there should be something very compelling about seeing him tackle some of these problems while feeling nostalgic for his days at the Red Pony.

The Ferg – We picture a big wedding for him and Meg alongside many kids. The Ferg’s a happy guy and he deserves the happiest possible life. Seeing him balancing having a family and this dangerous job is ripe territory for a character like him to explore.

Cady – If she does become the new Sheriff, that does offer up a chance for Walt to be able to get roped into new cases from many different directions. We do wonder what that could mean for her new relationship with Zachary, provided that the two parties are still going strong. That would be interesting to explore.

Even with the changes Longmire season 7, no matter the form it’s in, would still be Longmire. That’s why the idea is so fun to think about.

What do you think should be in a Longmire season 7, provided that it happens? Share now in the comments!

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