Scorpion season 4 episode 10 review: Mark Collins taunts Cabe

Scorpion season 4 episode 10

Going into Scorpion season 4 episode 10 we expected to see Walter O’Brien in some rough shape. Cabe’s trial was quickly approaching and as a result of that, we had questions aplenty surrounding how he was going to handle that.

Let’s just say that for most of the episode, Walter found himself trying to belittle Cabe’s trial almost as a means to help himself handle the idea of him potentially going away. In the process of doing that, though, what he found himself doing was struggling to actually make good memories with him.

Walter didn’t exactly have a lot of free time in the first place to focus on Cabe, given that much of the episode tonight focused on him, (alongside most of the other team members minus Cabe and Sylvester), trying to help a father and his daughter after what looked to be a plane crash. Of course, things were a little more complicated than Team Scorpion first realized, which in turn led to some of them being temporarily trapped in a cave. All this guy cared about, (seemingly) was making his money. He saw Scorpion as a means of getting said money, and basically threatened them in order to help … after the whole cave disaster of course.

If this guy did have a vulnerable point, though, it was his daughter. After the team used that to ensure that he lost his gun, they found themselves free and clear of this over-complicated mission.

The case aftermath

In the midst of this episode we did see Happy and Toby struggle with their genetics. Would they be bad parents, or would their child someday be a criminal? Happy had concerns during the mission but by the end of it, Toby did his part in order to encourage her that everything would be okay.

Meanwhile, during the case Cabe and Sylvester found themselves trying to go after Mark Collins, knowing that finding him was the key to ensuring Cabe’s safety. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and things only spiraled out from there. Mark set him up so that Cabe would look like he took a bribe in turn for helping him; meanwhile, Mark also taunted Cabe by leaving a note back in the garage. The scene after that was one of the best Robert Patrick performances this season, as Sylvester starting to realize the best way to help Cabe was for him to be on the stand. Walter then helped Cabe, changing his attitude from earlier in the episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

Scorpion season 4 episode 10 was certainly fun, but we’ll be the first to say that we expected for there to be more of Cabe’s actual trial in the episode. The writers are really prolonging this story for as long as they can. Beyond that, there were many funny moments in the episode, with a personal favorite being Walter’s new jingle for his hot dog innovation that, apparently, had a name change.

The closing scenes with Cabe and the team are certainly enough to make this long wait tolerable.

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