Who is Prometheus on Earth-X? A big ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ reveal

Arrow season 5 episode 21Tonight marked the first part of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event, and what we learned was that this was going to be crazy. One of the biggest surprises was the one pertaining to a major Arrow character in Prometheus.

We met the Earth-X version of the villain, but it just so turns out that on this Earth Adrian Chase is not the person under the mask. Instead, it’s none other than Tommy Merlyn! It’s certainly a surprise, but somehow Colin Donnell managed to find some time in the midst of his Chicago Med schedule to come over to this show and take part in a little bit of filming. This is a nice little nod to some of the show’s devoted fans, who remember and love Tommy very much from the first season of Arrow so many years ago. He was killed off, but there’s always been hope that he would come back in some other shape or form. As a matter of fact, there was talk for some time about him actually being Prometheus on Arrow season 5 and the show waiting on the reveal as long as possible due to his schedule.

In making the Earth-X Prometheus Tommy, what the show did was more than just wink to the show’s diehards — they also found a way to include Donnell in a way where he could be relevant, but also not appear for so long that he would miss out on work on his other show. It made sense for him to share some screen time with Stephen Amell — who else almost teared up when Oliver and this Tommy talking about dying for each other? The reunion was fairly short-lived, given that Tommy killed himself before Oliver could get anymore information out of him.

As for whether or not we’ll ever see Earth-1 Tommy Merlyn again, probably not. The man’s been gone for so long that it would be hard to find a logical reason to bring him back — save for the Legends going back in time and willingly messing with time in order to ensure that he survives. The results of that could be catastrophic.

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