Should Lord John Grey appear in Outlander season 3 episode 12?

Lord John GreyOutlander season 3 episode 12 is going to have many exciting things, like lavish costumes, drama, and a search to find Young Ian.

Yet, is it also going to have an appearance from Lord John Grey? That, (at least for the time being) remains one of the story’s central mysteries — especially for fans of the books. All Outlander readers know already that this character, (played by David Berry on the series) was aboard the Porpoise during the novel Voyager. Yet, he was MIA on the show. We recently wrote about the omission, and while we’re not a book reader ourselves we felt as though the reason for this change was to present Claire with even more of a me-against-the-world mindset while working to stop the spread of typhoid. With Lord John Grey there she would have had at least one more potential ally.

As for whether or not Berry will be appearing on Outlander season 3 episode 12, there is a reason for there to have hope. Without spoiling too much he’s pretty fundamental to the story of the ball in the books, and we like to imagine that the writers had a larger plan for the character when they chose to omit him recently. If you are to bring him back during the ball it adds to the element of surprise and has him present at a time when Jamie needs him the most. Remember that Jamie is currently being sought out by Captain Leonard and the entire crew of the Artemis, and Lord John is one of the few high-ranking men who knows both him and his character. It’s a potential get-out-of-jail-free card, or at least this is how it appears to be on the surface.

Whether it be this season or the next, Lord John remains one of the show’s biggest mysteries. The other is the status of Murtagh, a character who has not appeared since the early part of Outlander season 3 and is already dead in the books. We feel like Murtagh is better suited as a surprise during the fourth season, but we could be wrong here and the writers could find an interesting way to integrate him into what’s going on in Jamaica. Seeing him there could help to make up for how some people were feeling rather bummed-out about the previous Lord John omission.

One way or another, know this: Lord John Grey still has a major role to play in the Outlander journey to come.

Do you think that Lord John Grey should appear on Outlander season 3 episode 12?

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