Agents of SHIELD season 5 premiere: Watch the first 17 minutes!

Want to watch the first 17 minutes of the Agents of SHIELD season 5 premiere?If you are excited for the Agents of SHIELD season 5 premiere on ABC, we come bearing some great news! Of course, said good news is from none other than Phil Coulson himself in Clark Gregg.

In a new post on Twitter, Gregg has officially revealed the first 17 minutes of the two-hour premiere episode coming in just under two weeks’ time. This is going to give you a really good idea as to what’s coming up when the show returns — that’s great since we’ve spent the better part of the past several months wondering what we are going to see this season.

What this video gives you is a little more of the new setting, some new faces, and then some interesting speculation about not just where SHIELD is at the moment, but also when. Are they in the future? Is there a time jump of sorts? Both of these seem to be reasonable questions worth asking after watching this … but of course the preview ends before we have a chance to get some of the vital information that we really need.

So why is ABC choosing to release so much of this episode in advance? That’s a great question given that it’s not a pattern that the network has been know to do over the years. At most, you’re liable to get a few sneak peeks for an upcoming episode and that’s it. The main reason that this is different is because ABC is banking on a lot here — they desperately need a hit for Friday nights. Agents of SHIELD is coming on after the massive ratings disappointment that is Marvel’s Inhumans, and the ratings for Once Upon a Time are down around 40% year-to-year and it’s a little too early to tell if that show is going to be back for a season 8. As of right now, the only reason that Agents of SHIELD seems to be on the air is because of Disney’s ties to Marvel; this upcoming season is a chance for the show’s fans to prove that this is a show deserving of being on the air for a rather long time still.

What do you want to see on the Agents of SHIELD season 5 premiere, at least beyond the first 17 minutes? Share now in the comments below!

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