Scorpion season 4, the trial, and the tipping point for Cabe Gallo

scorpion season 4Scorpion season 4 has yet another episode airing on CBS Monday night, and it’s going to be a big one for Cabe. After all, the man’s freedom hangs in the balance! His trial is coming up and it’s one of the biggest moments of the entire show to date.

For the vast majority of Scorpion, the structure of it can be derived as such: Cabe leads the team, offers them assets, and has the military training to do some of the tough stuff that nobody else can do. He’s a father figure and a source of unity, and with that it’s pretty hard to imagine the team without him.

Yet, we’re at a point now where we may have to do that very thing given that if Cabe does to prison, we’re going to have to do without seeing him on missions for a little while. Maybe this could be an interesting reinvention to the team dynamic — someone like Walter or Toby would have to step up more in a leadership position, taking some of what they’ve learned from Robert Patrick’s character and applying it to the field. Of course we have a feeling that before long, they’d realize that they are not anywhere near as good at this stuff as Cabe is and they’d need him back.

The idea of Cabe going to prison is also fascinating since you could stage a Prison Break inspired episode — not that we think Scorpion would ever do that since this is for the most part a show with a lighter tone.

Can Scorpion season 4 exist without Cabe?

It’s hard to imagine so, and with that we hope — one way or another — that we are going to be seeing Sylvester and the team find a way to save him. They’ll pull out all the stops, whether it means outsmarting someone in court or tracking down Mark Collins. After all, having this character behind bars seems to be a pretty surefire way in which to prove that Cabe didn’t have any ill intent in the second part of the premiere and simply made a judgment call in the moment. We’re certainly coming to realize with this show that sometimes, this excuse just doesn’t fly with some of these law-enforcement types even if you present it in a logical way.

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