Black Mirror season 4 premiere date: Is Netflix plotting secret launch

Black MirrorThe wait for a Black Mirror season 4 premiere date at Netflix continues — and CarterMatt is starting to wonder if they are planning a secret launch.

What we know at the moment is this: It’s been teased for a while that there could be new episodes coming in 2017. Yet, we’re almost at the end of the year and there’s still nothing official yet. What gives with that? There are a couple of different possibilities here, starting with that Black Mirror is simply being delayed past when it was originally expected to come out. Nobody wants that, but you have to consider it. (Remember that season 3 premiered in October 2016, so it’s already been more than a year.)

Another possibility is one that intrigues more than any other: The idea of Netflix doing a secret launch of the episodes around Christmastime, dropping them without any sort of prior warning to capitalize on a movement that Beyonce and some other artists have done within the music industry. This is actually something that the streaming provider had planned for The Punisher — it was originally supposed to drop as a surprise during the weekend of New York Comic-Con, but was delayed out of respect for the victims of the violent attack in Las Vegas. Doing this with Black Mirror seems to be perfect since we’re talking here about a show that can be watched at the viewers own pace. It’s an anthology in nature and each one of its episodes is a mini-movie in its own right. There’s not really that big of a need to announce the premiere date in advance.

The other option here is to just announce the premiere date a couple of weeks in advance, but there’s really not any reason to do that if the whole goal here is to either surprise people or build anticipation. This move would ultimately fail at accomplishing both of these things.

For now, stay tuned — and also check out the new “Arkangel” preview below. It doesn’t give you a great sense as to what the story will be about, but it feels creepy and in the vein of what we expect from a Black Mirror episode.

What do you want the Black Mirror season 4 premiere date to be, and are you excited about the idea of a secret launch for the show? Share some of your thoughts on that subject below!

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