Willa Holland returns to Arrow season 6 … but will Speedy?

Speedy -If there is one word to describe the story of Willa Holland’s character of Thea on Arrow season 6, it’s inconsistent — but none of that seems to be her fault.

Instead, the show (for whatever reason) struggles to figure out what to do with her for an extended period of time. For a while she helped Oliver run his Mayor’s Office, but we’ve also seen her leave town for some random “conventions” and other things that conveniently write her out of the story here and there.

What CarterMatt wants to know is this: Why aren’t we getting to see more of Thea as Speedy? What happened there? This was a character grounded and established in the comics, and with that someone who seemed destined to work alongside the Green Arrow for some time. She has many of the same skills and is trained for the job thanks to the time she spent with her (late) father Malcolm Merlyn. Yet, she’s not currently using them.

We’d like to think that there is a good reason for Speedy to come back now given that there should be an all-hands-on-deck philosophy with the team. Diggle is reeling, and there are more villains in Star City than ever before in between Dragon, Cayden James, Black Siren, and some of the other stooges showing up here and there. She knows Oliver so well that she should be able to anticipate his every move better than some of the people who are currently a part of his team — it’s no fault to any of them, but clearly she should be as well-prepared as any of them. We know that she’s driven in part by her fear of becoming what she was after being revived, but if Sara can turn out okay shouldn’t the same be said for Thea? (Also, how many times can one character almost die on this show?)

It would ultimately be great for Thea to have her own adversary much in the way that we’re seeing for Dinah with Vigilante. We’ve got that now in one form or another with Quentin Lance squaring off against Black Siren — he may not be a superhero, but the two do have that sort of adversarial, complicated relationship.

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