Could a Hey Arnold! season 6 be possible after The Jungle Movie?

Hey Arnold! season 6Is it possible to get a Hey Arnold! season 6 at some point in the future? We’re certainly learning to never say never.

We remember back more than a decade ago (think along the lines of 2003) when we were hoping to see The Jungle Movie happen. That was meant to be the culmination of the entire journey set up at the end of the episode “The Journal.” As of a few years ago we didn’t think it was possible that we’d even get The Jungle Movie at all, so just getting this feels like the biggest gift of nostalgia imaginable.

There’s a part of us that feels guilty for wanting more; yet, it’s also unavoidable. It’s one of the most influential shows of our childhood so it’s hard not to be greedy. Also, it seems as though show creator Craig Bartlett is open to it. Speaking to The A.V. Club leading up to the movie’s premiere November 24, he had the following to say about leaving the door open:

“I’ve been saying this all along: The movie’s been made to act perfectly as closure so that everybody feels satisfied that all of the storylines got wrapped up. And also, at the end of the movie, they’re starting sixth grade, so season six is also my hope.”

In moving the characters forward to a new year Hey Arnold! is also doing something that we’ve also long wanted them to do: Push the story forward in a way that is similar to The Wonder Years. We’re seeing a passage of time and that’s great — if you remember in the earlier seasons of the show Arnold had an affinity for Ruth, a sixth-grader who was interpreted at the time as being completely out of his league.

If you want to see a Hey Arnold! season 6, the one thing that we can tell you is to wrap up the holiday shopping and check out the movie. Either watch it live or watch it on your DVR – this is one of the biggest pop-culture events we’ve seen on Nickelodeon in the past several years, but sometimes headlines and Twitter discussions don’t always lead to ratings. The show needs to have both if there’s ever going to be more.

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