Blue Bloods season 8: Will love be in the air for any characters?

Blue Bloods season 8We know that by nature, Blue Bloods is not the most romantic show on TV. It’s more about watching crimes get solved and seeing the bad guys get taken out. Yet, almost counter-intuitively it is that lack of romance on the show sometimes that makes you want a little bit more of it. Romance shakes the show up a bit and deliver something that is rather rare with the series as a whole: Storytelling for some of its characters beyond just a week-to-week plot.

Let’s take a look at some of the members of the Reagan family (all of them are technically single at the moment) and what we could be seeing coming up.

Jamie – He is the guy everyone wants to see in a relationship and there’s a very good reason that people out there are ‘shipping him with Eddie. However, the central dilemma with the two remains that if they are to be together they may not be allowed to work together anymore. They love their partnership and are clearly scared to lose it. We do think that Blue Bloods wants to keep things authentic to what real-life cops go through, but can’t there be a compromise at some point in the future?

Erin – It would be nice to see her with a new love interest in the future, though we don’t see any new suitors in the immediate future. We do understand why it doesn’t happen often with the character, given that she’s so busy and focused on other things the vast majority of the time.

Frank – While we’ve had a little bit of fun ‘shipping Tom Selleck’s character with Mayor Dutton, we haven’t seen any firm indications yet that there is romance in the future for the two characters — at least not yet. Maybe that changes a little bit over time when the two start to see each other in ways that aren’t just when they need to resolve a disagreement.

Danny – It’s too early. The show already explored this recently and came to the same conclusion. Maybe at some point in the future.

Maybe we could see a more innocent romance in the cards for one of the series’ younger characters, and there could be some fun associated with that — think in terms of how the family would react to the idea of a committed relationship featuring some of their younger family members, or someone coming into a family full of cops and feeling nervous about that.

Do you think there could be any more Blue Bloods season 8 romantic arcs? Share now in the attached comments!

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