The Big Bang Theory season 11: When could the Sheldon – Amy wedding date be?

Sheldon - Amy wedding dateMrs. Carter: What is the Sheldon – Amy wedding date going to be on The Big Bang Theory season 11?

Not only is there no wedding date for this couple on the show, there’s no wedding date for us as viewers to see them exchange their vows. These two have already had an episode this season talking about when they could get married and just couldn’t agree. Eventually it ended with Sheldon give Amy full control of everything. It’s not something that we ever thought that Sheldon would do since relinquishing control is not a strong suit for him, but he is evolving, and with the two engaged right now we should see some of the wedding planning kicking off this season.

So what would the ideal wedding date be for the series to showcase the wedding? There is a case to be made for a wide array of different options.

February Sweeps – That’s a possibility, but it also seems to be far too early given where we are right now in the story. This is what the writers would do in the event that they felt as though they were going to be canceled soon — which clearly isn’t going to be happening. The Big Bang theory already has a season 12 renewal.

May – This makes the most sense given that this is when the show did the Howard – Bernadette wedding, and they also did the ceremony between Leonard and Penny at around this time (even if that didn’t quite go according to plan). A May wedding feels like a worthy timeline for Sheldon and Amy to plan for the wedding (and it’s close to June which is when Amy wanted her wedding to be in the show). That also gives them a full season as a married couple, where we can see more of what their lives are like in that capacity. it also gives the series enough time to give us bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding showers, last minute wedding issues and wedding dress shopping.

At some point in season 12 – Provided that this could be the final season for the show — it’s not official, mind you — maybe the producers decide that this would be a perfect way to cap off the series. Personally, we feel like dragging the engagement out for two seasons just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for The Big Bang Theory. You want people to be looking forward to the wedding, and if you set it too far down the road viewers could lose interest.

No matter when the wedding takes place, we hope that the show announces it a few weeks in advance. That gives CBS a chance to promote what’s next!

When do you want the Sheldon – Amy wedding date to be on The Big Bang Theory season 11? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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