Gotham season 4 leaving door VERY open for Gotham season 5

Gotham season 5Apparently, the folks behind the scenes at Gotham season 4 want to make one thing very clear to their fans: They want another season. As a matter of fact, they’re willing to go for broke creating a super-cool cliffhanger just for the sake of getting you amped-up for what could be coming up next. It’s almost a dare to Fox to not renew the show; it may not work, but Fox is going to have a legion of super angry fans if it’s canceled on that big of a cliffhanger – anyone remember what happened with Hannibal and how that turned out?

Based on what co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt had to say recently to, there is definitely many more avenues to be explored even after the show gets to the end of the road this time around:

“While we’re leaving a lot on the table, there’s going to be plenty left for us to put on the table after this season … I mean, we’re driving to a really amazing place where, talk about a cliffhanger! It’s going to be insane.”

Gotham is effectively a show that could last until we get to a point where Bruce Wayne actually becomes Batman, and we wouldn’t be all that shocked if that is the ending. Yet, there is still a question as to how much more gas is left in the tank ratings-wise. The show is in the midst of its lowest-rated season to date, and that is somewhat surprising when you think about just how fantastic this season has been. Professor Pyg was definitely a highlight just in terms of being a super-creepy villain, and beyond that we’ve seen the evolution of Jim Gordon into a Captain. He’s finally moving up the ranks and getting closer to being the Commissioner he is one day destined to become.

Fox will likely need to make their decision on Gotham in late April / early May, especially when you consider that the show films a little bit earlier than some other ones that air in the fall. We’d obviously love to see a renewal before then so we can watch the home stretch of the season with a little less anxiety; it’s too bad we have a feeling Fox is going to keep us waiting.

What do you think the Gotham season 5 odds are, and what sort of stories do you think they could explore? (Personally, we’d love to see the show do more with Catwoman as a proper villain.) Share in the comments below!

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