Chicago PD season 5 debate: How quickly can Halstead move forward?

Chicago PD season 5When Chicago PD season 5 returns, what will the road ahead look like for Jay Halstead?

Prior to this past episode there were many reports out there that Jay was going to descend into darkness with a multi-episode arc and we recently got a small sense of that. For example, he went undercover and seemed to eventually prioritize some of the people he was working alongside more so than some of the people within Intelligence. He got attached and started to flash back to his days of having a unit around him in the military. It was almost like method acting, given that at one point he pulled out a gun on his own people before pulling himself back.

Is Jay going to be completely free of all this when the next new episode airs? Even if he doesn’t see many of these characters again it’s hard to imagine that he will be thanks to one thing that may be silently dominating his life: Loneliness. Lindsay is gone and while he may not be talking about it much, this was a woman that he was going to marry. He slept at his desk recently and he’s turning his entire life into work. That’s not a good lifestyle for anyone. We’re not sure how much time he’s spending with Will or the rest of the family and to go along with that, we’re not sure that he is going to be able to make many new friends with his mind so focused on the job and just getting through one day after the next.

What Jay needs is a break from everything — a chance to catch his breath and figure out what his future should be. It’s just unfortunate for him that he hasn’t had a chance to figure that out and not enough people close to him are able to understand some of what he’s going through … mostly because they all have issues of their own. For example, Ruzek is having to serve as a rat and Voight is getting used to the new rules/regulations that come with being a Chicago cop.

Who do we want to see Jay interacting with more moving forward?

Trudy Platt. She’s been a shoulder to some other characters in her own unique way and we haven’t gotten to see nearly enough of this character to date. Platt / Halstead scenes would be an opportunity for these two characters to explore a new dynamic … and maybe in the process we’d learn more about each of them.

What do you think should be coming for Jay on Chicago PD season 5? Is there a way for him to escape the trauma that is currently enveloping him? Share below!

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