The Blacklist season 5 episode 9: What’s happened during time jump for James Spader’s Reddington?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAs we look ahead to The Blacklist season 5 episode 9, we are left wondering what’s happened to these characters during this ten month time jump? This is a subject we’ll be looking at from many different angles between now and when the show returns January 3. Check back every Wednesday for a perspective from each character a part of the show.

Given that he is the straw the stirs the metaphorical drink, doesn’t it make the most sense to start things off with James Spader’s Reddington? He’s the man with the biggest secret and the most to lose; yet, it wouldn’t be all that great of a shock if he’s back to riding high when The Blacklist season 5 episode 9 airs.

Where we left off – Reddington was working to rebuild much of the great empire that he once had, but was coming across a wide array of different issues when it came to recruitment, getting the resources, and also dealing with Tom and the bones. However, Reddington was actually not responsible for Tom’s death, despite all of the various teases.

While Reddington’s secret regarding the DNA on the bones seems to be safe (for now), Dembe has strongly encouraged him to consider opening up and coming clean to Liz. It may save him some heartache down the road.

Where we could be going from here – Given that we’re jumping forward a good ten months, there are many of possibilities as to where this story could be taking Reddington coming up from here.

For one, could his empire be back to being a massive force in the underground world that it once was? Without Liz around he may have easily slipped back in to some of his old ways to get some of what he lost thanks to Mr. Kaplan. You also have to wonder, provided that he’s continued working with the Task Force, if that’s led to him building more relationships with some of those members. There is something that would be incredibly satisfying about learning that Reddington and Ressler, (for example) have somehow developed a much better relationship (and they very well could with Ressler’s blackmail story).

Would it also be interesting to see what a Reddington love interest would look like in the present? Sure, mostly because this is territory that could be explored so much more than it has. There isn’t any evidence of that coming up but we are fascinated by the idea of what a romantic relationship looks like for him in the present — as opposed to some of the ones that we’ve seen him have strictly within the past. Reddington has always been an international man of mystery and while his life style doesn’t seem to breed many long term romantic relationships, couldn’t he have a few love affairs? This is Reddington after all – are we really supposed to believe that he’s not going to have women lined up around the block looking for a chance to share a glass of wine with him?

Where do you want to see the story go for James Spader’s Reddington on The Blacklist season 5 from here? Share now in the comments!

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