NCIS: New Orleans season 4 episode 9 review: Tammy tries to pay it forward

X AmbassadorsTonight’s NCIS: New Orleans focused on telling a different, exciting story than the one we’ve gotten used to over time. Often, the NCIS team does everything themselves in order to take down some of the bad guys. However, this time around the story was a little bit different. The team was actually reliant in part on some of the homeless youth in the city in order to stop a jewel-theft operation that led to multiple deaths.

How much do you help people who are out on the street, and how much should you help? Both of these are good questions that were at the heart of this episode. Luckily, by the end of this episode we did see the kids prove rather helpful — there unfortunately was still a casualty, but more so than that there was a story about compromise. Percy and Tammy were both integral in helping to care for the kids, and try to make sure that they were taken care of in the aftermath of what happened. This was challenging, though, mostly because these were kids who were not altogether equipped to help themselves. They also were not all that trusting of Children’s Services after some bad run-ins over the years.

While Pride was protective of these kids, you could argue that Tammy was perhaps too protective — especially of one of the girls in Tita. This led to one of the bigger surprises at the end of the episode where we saw her make a move without Pride’s blessing in the field and her come down on her after the fact for it. Could this be an opening for a much larger divide to come? You have to consider that possible for a few different reasons, with one of the big ones being the simple fact that Pride has a history of skirting the rules himself. Therefore, it only makes some sense that his behavior would inspire some other people, including Tammy, to have some similar missteps of her own.

Overall, we do think that this was an important case with a valuable message about looking after others. However, there was also a cost…

CarterMatt Verdict

If there is one thing that we will say as a negative for this episode, it’s this: How was X Ambassadors still playing in the middle of all of the shooting and craziness going on? Was everyone listening to them really so focused on the performance that they didn’t hear any of the gunfire? That was a little strange, to say the least.

Otherwise, we did enjoy this episode for its message and also for putting Tammy and Percy in the spotlight a little bit more — also, they took in a dog! Even if it’s only temporary, this is a great year for dogs on various CBS shows.

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