NCIS season 15 episode 9 video: McGee prepares for twins; Reeves’ first Thanksgiving

Delilah's twinsNCIS season 15 episode 9 are going to air on CBS Tuesday night and there’s a lot to be excited about — even more than most. After all, this is a Thanksgiving-themed episode, and it also just so happens to be one where we could see McGee and Delilah’s babies officially enter the world.

Yep, that’s right — we said babies. During last week’s new episode it was officially revealed for the first time that McGee and Delilah are having twins and the sneak peek below does a good job of explaining one of the burning questions in the aftermath of this: Why in the world did we not know about this before this past season? There is a reasonable explanation — because of the shrapnel that is in Delilah’s spine she cannot have a typical ultrasound and beyond that, the heartbeats were so close to each other that it was difficult to detect either one of them. McGee makes it clear that he’s thinking over baby names — based on the ones that he fires off here, these poor kids are going to find themselves picked on in school.

Before McGee can get any further down this rabbit hole, though, we see Gibbs do some of what he does best — being the world’s biggest party pooper and calling in everyone in order to work on a case. This case does have some connections to Jack Sloane, which means some potentially good material for Maria Bello.

Let’s backtrack for a minute instead of focusing on the case, given that this video does more than just talk about McGee and Delilah’s twins — it also gives you a sense of the potluck Thanksgiving that is coming our way thanks to Ducky. This is Clayton Reeves’ first opportunity to celebrate the holiday in America and he’s very much excited for it. Given that he, unfortunately, doesn’t quite know how to cook, he’s not going to be able to contribute all too much outside of showing up and eating some of the delicious food. Given everything that is going on in this episode it’s hard to necessarily detect just how these characters are going to be able to all get together and make this potluck happen, but whenever there’s a will there’s a way — this is certainly something that we’ve come to learn over time from watching the NCIS team cobble together celebrations in the midst of the sky falling around them. At least here one of the potential distractions is a happy one with McGee and Delilah. That’s better than someone holding the team hostage or a character being stranded on the other side of the world.

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