Scorpion season 4 episode 9 review: How Cabe’s father died

Scorpion season 4 episode 9Given how many disasters at sea Team Scorpion has had from the beginning of the show, you’d really would think that they would have a handle on how to deal with some of this stuff.

However, that was not exactly the case on Scorpion season 4 episode 9 Monday night. This time around, the team was sent out on Thanksgiving to try and clear out an island of trash using a compound that would be able to break it all down — as a means of doing that better, they brought Florence along for the ride in exchange for a sixth of the pay. Florence is a skilled chemist; however, what she is not is a biologist and that proved to be rather clear over the course of this episode. Unfortunately, the compound she created cased the entire trash island to be eaten up far too quickly, which led to a situation where her, Walter, and Happy were all stranded out on it. What unfolded after this was a classic Scorpion rescue mission where the team had to do a number of different things in order to stay alive, including use Florence to come up with a new way to combat some jellyfish and then later, helping Florence when some of the stings put her in jeopardy.

The presence of Florence was reasonably important within this episode for one reason more so than any other: Making sure that this mission felt different than most of the others that we’ve seen over the years. There is a certain rinse-and-repeat factor to many Team Scorpion missions, but luckily we do think that we’ll remember this one more than others.

What’s important to know here is that, as expected, Team Scorpion saved the day.

Cabe’s heartbreaking history

Tonight’s episode may have brought us the greatest Robert Patrick performance of the season. He and Toby were working through some issues in therapy, and over the course of that what we learned is that for the better part of fifty years he’s blamed himself for what happened to his father. He’s felt that if he had said something sooner at the time of a robbery, his father would have made it through okay. Because of him facing an uncertain future with his trial, some of these fears of failure were starting to come back.

CarterMatt Verdict

Despite the sad scenes with Cabe we do think that there is a sense of optimism moving forward. Florence (not Flo, mind you) is promising to bet a better neighbor and the team all sat down for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. This was an episode about family, and about the wide array of ways that everyone cares for one another. It was a big story for Cabe, and it was also a chance to see Florence in a different light.

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