Bull season 2 episode 9 video: How the TAC celebrates Thanksgiving

Bull season 2 episode 9Bull season 2 episode 9 carries with it the title of “Thanksgiving,” and as it turns out the holiday is going to be front and center … not to the surprise of anyone.

What makes this fun is mostly the fact that we didn’t get to see much of this last year. This sneak peek is our first real opportunity we’re getting to see the TAC team enjoy the holiday, and with that every single one of them has their own traditions. Chunk gets to enjoy just about everything in Georgia with chunks of butter all over it. Meanwhile, Benny is heading back to Dallas, and many of his Puerto Rican relatives are being flown up. (Here’s a small reminder to continue to support those trying to rebuild there — Puerto Rico is still part of the United States and should be treated as much!)

Finally, Bull is spending the holiday … by himself. In his office. This is somewhat sad, but it’s the way that he’s telling himself he likes it. He’s got the televisions rigged up in order to showcase wall-to-wall NFL programming, not that we quite understand that given that there is only one game that’s going to be on the air at a time on the day.

This preview is a reflection of where Dr. Bull is in life, and we hope that somewhere over the course of the episode we see these walls come down a little bit. There are some people who really do think that they are better off alone, but we don’t actually think that Bull is one of those people at all. Instead, we think that he’s one of those people who just thinks that they don’t need anyone else until he’s left by himself and starts to realize that this is his life. He’s done an excellent job building a successful business and the brand, but what he has to show for it is loneliness. He’s got a divorce under his name, very few friends outside of work, and someone is delivering him Thanksgiving dinner to his office building. If that isn’t quite one of the saddest things ever we don’t know what is.

Bull season 2 is the season of growth for Michael Weatherly’s character; here’s to hoping that this episode pushes him to a place where he considers more change.

We will be back on Tuesday night with more news on this “Thanksgiving” episode! Be sure to check back after it airs for a full review.

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