The Blacklist season 5: Will Reddington admit his secret to Liz?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAt the end of The Blacklist season 5 last week the world was told to say good to Tom Keen. Yet, a question still remains. What is going to happen with the secret of the bones and the DNA?

More than likely, you recall that Tom had the information and was going to finally reveal the truth. However, due to his untimely death he now carries that secret to his grave. We know there was a monumental secret regarding Reddington that could have changed the very fabric of the show but it is now gone. It has, effectively, disappeared out into the ether. There is not a timetable for when it could come back or how it could come back.

Based on the end of the fall finale, is it even possible for the secret to come back up? Think about it. This was a secret that was closely guarded for decades and only came out this time due to a reveal from Mr. Kaplan at the end of last season plus some exhaustive efforts from Tom in his attempt to get some real answers as to what was going on. Liz doesn’t have the information to even start digging if she wanted to and after the lengthy time jump — the time she was in a coma — she is not going to be able to find too much else. What little trail there was is now cold.

Where this leaves the show now is in an interesting spot where there is, effectively, only one person one can admit to the truth: Reddington himself. This is a character who loves holding the cards, but in this case it is true perhaps even more so than usual. He is the one with the ability to just tell Liz the truth and get everyone out in the open. There is a chance that this secret could devastate his relationship with her forever and we think that he knows that. However, we also think he knows at this point that if he doesn’t tell Liz the truth that there is a chance that this could also come back to bite him. He is a man where he is facing two different options and neither one of them could end up being good for him. He should just take the lesser of two evils and tell her the truth himself. It’d take something crazy for someone else to uncover the truth, but this is the sort of show where often this sort of crazy stuff does end up happening.

What do you think should happen with Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington when The Blacklist comes back? If you were Reddington, would you tell Liz the truth at this point? Share below!

(Photo: NBC.)

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