The Walking Dead season 8: Should we meet Negan’s first wife in flashbacks?

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 14Negan’s first wife is a subject that was addressed on The Walking Dead season 8, and the mention of it came about through the scenes with Negan and Father Gabriel. This episode brought you more backstory on Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character than any other that we’ve seen to date.

What we also appreciated about most of it is that it was told within the present via dialogue. That works because there’s a degree of ambiguity to it. Is Negan really telling the truth about his wife and how he worked with kids before the apocalypse? This is what make The Joker so appealing as a villain within the Batman universe — you never quite knew what to make of his time before he met Batman and that made him frightening.

This is what makes the following question so interesting now: Should we ever meet Negan’s first wife in flashback?

Before getting any backstory on the character, it was probably easy to answer this question with a definite no given that we just didn’t know anything. Yet, it’s now complicated because we have some more details — if you’ve read the comics you know a little bit more. There is some more insight on Negan’s history in the Here’s Negan spin-off that was released, and since the show stayed pretty true to that in the episode tonight, that may make some comic book fans eager to know more.

Personally, though, we feel like the show gave you all you really need to know and, in turn, almost all that Negan was interested in telling. It’s interesting on some level to learn about many characters and their backstory before the apocalypse, but if we start venturing too much in this direction the show starts to become Lost — we already had Lost.

Also, The Walking Dead does flashbacks in such a slow way that if we got them, we probably wouldn’t get a whole lot else done in an episode. It’d be all this and maybe 10-20 minutes of other stuff.

Possible casting suggestion – On one level, it would be a fun little Easter egg if Hilarie Burton came on to play Negan’s first wife just because the two are married in real life.

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