Is it time for Deeks – Kensi wedding date on NCIS: Los Angeles season 9?

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 6Mrs. Carter: Is it time for a Deeks – Kensi wedding date to be announced on NCIS: Los Angeles season 9? We’re starting to think that it might be.

In the wake of watching Sunday night’s 200th episode of the series, this was a question that started to roll around in our head — and for good reason. After all, the idea of setting a wedding date was brought up by Deeks’ mother when they were at breakfast, and we all but expected that there would be some sort of storyline where the two went back to the subject a little later and discussed it more. Yet, that didn’t happen.

Also, we should note that we looked it up and, just as it was explained tonight, 2018 is not a leap year. Alas, we’re not getting the February 29 episode like it was floated out there in the episode. That would’ve made some sense, given that it’s February sweeps and that’s when these sort of big event episodes often happen!

So when could we actually get a Deeks – Kensi wedding date on NCIS: Los Angeles? Right now, we’re thinking that the characters should make an announcement early next year before NCIS: Los Angeles goes on its annual NFL / awards show hiatus for most of the month of February. Doesn’t a May wedding sound good to anyone else? In past interviews we’ve heard Daniela Ruah and others say that they didn’t know when the wedding would be, and they may not have known at the time. They may still not know, but it feels like waiting beyond this season is a mistake.

Television engagements are good when they last around a year or so; any longer than that and the subject of them starts to become a distraction from the rest of the story. The only other idea would be to have a wedding during the season 10 premiere as a way to convince viewers to watch, but typically shows like to use their premieres to set up a story arc that’s coming up with a big bad as opposed to something like a wedding.

We should point out also that technically, NCIS: Los Angeles doesn’t have a season 10 just yet, but we more than expect it to happen. The writers are also probably planning ahead with that assumption in mind, but they also have to be aware of how long we’ve waited to get Kensi and Deeks to this point in the relationship. Haven’t we all been patient enough at this point? Time for the wedding bells to be ringing!

When do you want to see a Deeks – Kensi wedding date announced, and what do you want it to be? Share now in the attached comments!

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