How The Good Doctor episode 8 starts with Freddie Highmore, an apple (video)

The Good Doctor¬†episode 8Early buzz surrounding The Good Doctor episode 8 on ABC suggests one thing more so than any other: We’re nearing one of the best episodes of the entire series. This is an installment entitled “Apple,” and as a result of that it makes sense that the entire story begins with Dr. Shaun Murphy and an apple.

In the video preview below for Monday’s new episode, you can see Shaun reach into his fridge — and as a result of that, you see that it’s almost empty. This is a fairly innocuous beginning, but it begins a domino effect that changes a number of lives both in terms of the people at the hospital and those who end up going there for treatment.

Here’s just a small slice of what we are talking about here.

1. Shaun Murphy ends up going to the grocery store in the episode, presumably to stock up on apples and everything else he needs in order to help make it through the day.

2. Shaun Murphy also ends up being a witness to a robbery, and while there, his actions end up having an adverse effect. While he will try to help (that is, after all, often his goal), what ends up happening instead is that he endangers the lives of some of the other people close to him.

3. Shaun Murphy in turn causes more drama when some of these patients at the hospital, (who were admitted there after the robbery) realize that he is one of the doctors. They have to therefore find a way to accept treatment from someone they blame for being in this position in the first place.

At one point in the episode, Shaun will even be questioned by the police — while we know he’s innocent for being complicit in what happened, that doesn’t mean that he will be immune from trouble. He could still be punished and in turn, the consequences could be severe.

This is the sort of event that, in one way or another, could alter Shaun’s career. He is used to treating patients at this point; what he’s not used to is wrestling with the fact that his own actions brought them there.

To think, all of this began with an apple.

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