Poldark season 3 finale (PBS): Is the end for Ross and Demelza here?

Poldark season 4 start filmingThe Poldark season 3 finale on PBS came and went on Sunday with many major revelations — and some of these are going to change these characters one way or another for a rather long time.

For Ross Poldark, the biggest change comes via the revelation that if he wants to take a step forward, he needs to realize that he’s not the man he once was. For much of season 3 to date what we’ve seen from Ross is, effectively a man holding onto his past. He’s wanted to remain a soldier, the hero out in the field, for much of Poldark’s run just because of his past heroics. He is almost the equivalent of the guy who scored a touchdown in high school football and automatically thinks that he can continue to do so in college and the pros. He’s lived off of his past glory for far too long. This is an opportunity for him to realize this and start to forge more of his own path forward … if he can.

We do think that this was a big reason for his decision to finally wade into politics and be the hero that Cornwall needs rather than standing idly by and allowing George Warleggan to lord over the region in the terrible way in which he does. We also think that the conversation with Elizabeth last week was somewhat of a game-changer for him. He now realizes where his heart lies and is no longer living within two different worlds. He loves Demelza, but is it too late for the two of them? They can still overcome this, but the relationship took another turn for the worse with Demelza’s romantic outing with Hugh — complete with metaphorical (and somewhat literal) roll in the hay. Hugh had told her such a narrative that made it hard for her to resist him, especially given the fact that she was not getting anywhere near the love and respect that she deserved from her own husband. Regrettably, Ross did not make it altogether easy for her to want to continue to be with him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s conversation with Ross also carried with it some inspiration — it caused her to realize further how terribly George was treating her and led to her effectively taking him down a notch, hopefully for good. He started to grovel towards her for the first time really ever, making it clear that he needed to be loving / supportive — and that he needed to let his hatred and rivalry with Ross go. This was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a great moment and also a great performance by Heida Reed.

Finally, we can’t all be winners

While Morwenna may have come up with an arrangement to spare herself from the abusive Reverend Osbourne, at the same time she is still technically married to him. While she may be an inch closer to being with Drake Carne, there is still a long ways to go here.

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