How to help make a Good Behavior season 3 renewal a reality

Good Behavior┬áseason 2 episode 2We’re a handful of episodes away from the end of season 2, and unfortunately there is still no word on a Good Behavior season 3 renewal. This is one of the best shows not just on TNT, but all of cable — we don’t know how much we need to sing the show’s praises, but bar-none it’s one of the most enjoyable shows on TV this fall. There’s also no sophomore slump going on, as the episodes are every bit as creative as they were over the course of the first season.

So what can the show’s fans hope to do in order to help get another season on the air? Speaking in a new AMA session on Reddit, here is what showrunner Chad Hodge had to say:

“Get more of your friends and family and everyone to watch! ESPECIALLY in the first 7 days after the episode airs. They really care about this Live+7 rating number, which means the number of people who watch when it airs PLUS the number of people who watch in the first 7 days.”

This is a nice piece of advice from Hodge that shows that TNT isn’t just looking for live viewers — that’s a great thing given that in 2017 it’s often hard to convince people to watch anything live. It should be easier to convince some of your friends to become hooked on this show, considering the fact that they can just burn through many of the episodes while catching up. There’s no reason not to get viewers hooked on the show — it’s not so far along that it’s difficult to catch up! Also, they’d be coming in at a time when the story is going to escalate right before we get to the finale.

We stand by much of what we’ve said about Good Behavior over the past few months — we do think that if TNT sees any reason to be hopeful for the show’s ratings future, they’ll renew it. They have promoted it fairly well (at least across their own channel) and we have a pretty good sense through working in this industry over the years about which shows that various networks want to keep. We do feel like they believe in Good Behavior, but television is a business and they also have to make sure that their shows are viable. Since those outside the network aren’t often privy to profits versus costs, we just have to hope for the best ratings possible.

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Meanwhile, be sure to take a look over here in the event you want to get some more news on the series, including a preview for Sunday night’s new episode! (Here’s what we will say about it now in advance — it’s outstanding, if completely different from the great drag-themed episode we recently had a chance to see.)

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