Scandal series finale: Kerry Washington, cast on possible endings

Scandal season 7 episode 2The Scandal series finale is going to be coming up on ABC in the spring, but of course it’s a subject of conversation among many already. How does a show like this end? Is there a way to do it that actually fits many of these characters and the journey’s that they’ve been on? We’ve seen them go through many highs and lows, but as of late many of them have teetered even more to the dark side. Olivia’s throwing around her power, Rowan continues to enjoy killing people, and in general we’re seeing everyone within the Mellie White House caring mostly about their own image rather than the country.

So how can any of these characters have a happy ending when this all wraps up? It’s not going to come easy, and that should be par for the course for this show. Very little often does and there’s another question that you have to wonder in the process: Do some of these people really even deserve a happy ending? That’s something that Tony Goldwyn addressed in part (per Deadline) while at an event for Vulture Festival LA:

“If it does happen, they are going to have to earn it — a redemption has to take place in order for it not to be an old-fashioned, contrived happy ending.”

Kerry Washington claimed that creator Shonda Rhimes would be happy with the ending, but wasn’t sure anyone else would be. Meanwhile, Joe Morton said the following:

“Happy endings can’t be the same for all of us … Whatever Shonda and the writers come up with, it may be satisfying for some of us but certainly not all of us.”

The one thing we do feel with confidence: This is probably not going to be satisfying for Morton’s character of Rowan. If there is one person we’re confident is going to go before the end, it’s him. Olivia’s father/the Command leader is probably the closest thing that Scandal has to a villain and we therefore imagine that we are going to see more chaos from him in the second part of the season … some that will probably lead to him either getting arrested or killed off.

When is Scandal returning to ABC?

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