Should Jamie & Claire reunite on Outlander season 3 episode 10?

Jamie & ClaireWe are here with our final preview for Outlander season 3 episode 10, and with that, we’re keeping things simple and focusing on a singular question: Should Jamie & Claire reunite in this episode? After already forcing viewers to wait for the first five episodes of the season to bring these two characters back together, how patient are viewers going to be this time around?

Maybe that is the wrong way to frame this question, since we know that Outlander fans are the most patient people possible — remember how long we all waited for season 3 to premiere? The better question may be this: How long do you want to make your fans suffer? Within this episode entitled “Heaven & Earth,” the writers are going to have to struggle with two opposing issues: The desire for fans to have Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in scenes together and the desire for the story to have near-constant conflict.

Obviously, there is a story basis here in the form of the Diana Gabaldon novels; those who have read the books are going into this episode with a strategic advantage: They know what will happen for these characters. Obviously, the two do make it back to each other and eventually settle in North Carolina. There is enough information out there about this that it is hardly considered a spoiler. Yet, you want to tell the story in the best way possible to get them to this point.

For the sake of “Heaven & Earth,” we forseee that the best possible scenario is one in which these two characters do end up reuniting by the end of the episode.  This isn’t so much about the patience of fans as it is one thing: Jamie will move heaven and earth (hey, we love referencing the episode titles as much as we can) in order to get to Claire. For the first five episodes of the season he thought seeing her again was impossible. Here, he knows precisely where she is — one of the previews for this episode makes it clear that he will know how she ended up there. Keeping them apart for too long in this instance would feel almost inauthentic (maybe two episodes maximum) just because of how determined and influential these two parties are. We need a little more romance aboard the high seas; plus, there are certainly opportunities aplenty for conflict just on that ship itself. You’ve got Jamie’s feelings towards the Fergus – Marsali relationship coupled with Marsali’s feelings towards Claire in general. You also have the search for Young Ian, which is still a focal point of the journey to Jamaica.

Final verdict – Bring Jamie & Claire back together. Let them finish the rest of their journey dealing with issues they take on hand in hand.

What do you want to see on Outlander season 3 episode 10 when it comes to Jamie & Claire? Do you think that a quick reunion is necessary? Sound off below!

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