Transparent season 5 may happen without Jeffrey Tambor

Transparent season 5If a Transparent season 5 does end up happening on Amazon, signs point to it taking place without series star Jeffrey Tambor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series created by Jill Soloway may choose to go in a very different direction in the wake of the multiple accusations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior by the Emmy-winning star. One of the options being currently considered at present is killing off the character of Maura and continuing the story with the other members of the cast.

In a statement on Friday Tambor denied many of the allegations that were made against him, saying that he was a flawed person but “not a predator.” However, this may not be enough to save his job. Given that Transparent is a show that celebrates inclusiveness and love more so than almost any other out there, the most-recent allegations against Tambor are a blatant contradiction of this very thing. Keeping him around would prove even more troublesome for Amazon than trying to find a way for Soloway to write him out.

Given that the show is not currently in production, there may be a way to do this without severely impacting the show’s production — though it may need to be delayed a little bit.

Is killing off Maura the right move?

If you are planning to write the character off the show it feels almost as though there is not any other way to do it and make sure there can’t be a return. Maura is integral to almost the entire fabric of what this show is. She’s at the focal point of her family and with all of her growth the past few years, having her abandoning everyone and disappearing just wouldn’t feel right for the character. As we’ve said with House of Cards and Kevin Spacey, it doesn’t feel altogether right to punish the overall show because of allegations that are against a person. If you can remove that person from the show and find a way to continue the story, it seems as though that is the right way to go about doing things.

We are in the midst of a time in which many women and men are coming forward and sharing their stories about dealing with abuse from others within the entertainment business. Louis CK (who admitted to the things he was accused of) was one of them, whereas such writers as Andrew Kreisberg and Matthew Weiner have denied accusations of improper behavior fired in their direction.

We will have more on this story as news is revealed. (Photo: Amazon.)

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