Is Katie Lowes leaving Scandal as Quinn Perkins after winter finale?

Scandal season 7 premiereIs Katie Lowes leaving Scandal as Quinn Perkins? Entering the Scandal season 7 winter finale, that was one of the big questions CarterMatt had for the show.

Yet, along the way one of the things that we learned was this: Quinn’s “death” actually wasn’t what it seemed at all. The body that was found wasn’t her (it was just a random dead person), and instead, Rowan admitted to Olivia that he was in possession of her friend. He wanted so desperately to be the one in control that he was willing to do just about everything in order to ensure that he got it.

However, what Rowan may not have realized was that this Olivia Pope is not the same one he remembered. Instead, this is a version who is far more ruthless and capable of doing things that maybe she was not in the past. Jake tried to warn Rowan of this, but Rowan was not altogether interested in listening. Olivia tried to put on a brave face in the midst of the struggle but one thing was clear: She was struggling. She was having a hard time coming to terms with her job and the power that she had. Having Rowan try to use blackmail with the bones was causing her all sorts of incredible turmoil.

Eventually, this led to the question that we’ve been waiting to hear a character raise on the show: Why not just kill Rowan? Why not go so far as to put this character in the ground? Sooner or later it made sense for Olivia to consider making this move. Rowan is a terrible man who’s tormented her one way or another her entire life. We’ve seen her kill people before, so why not sever the head of the snake? Olivia uttered that line tonight to Rowan, which makes sense given that he’s said it to her many times before in the night’s most intense scene. Olivia paid Rowan a visit to discuss their negotiations, and at one point he pulled on her.

Olivia, in turn, put a kill order out on Rowan’s life. She didn’t pull the trigger herself, but she made it very clear to him that unless he acquiesced to her demands and gave Quinn back, she would allow some of the government’s top agents to take him down for good.

In the closing seconds, Rowan felt the clock ticking away and Olivia wondered what in the world he was going to do. He walked away and she heard bullets, and according to Rowan, she’s gone. Just remember this, though: WE DIDN’T SEE THE BODY. This could be a different sort of bluff that Rowan has managed to pull off. It could be yet another manipulation.

CarterMatt Verdict

If you love intense, crazy television, the Scandal season 7 winter finale brought you everything that you could possibly want. It was very entertaining, but also somewhat terrifying when you think of what Olivia Pope has become. She is Rowan. She could challenge him like nobody else because she knows Rowan.

Unfortunately, what we don’t know is if Rowan went through with that threat.

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