Gotham season 4 episode 9 review: Dinner with Professor Pyg

Gotham season 4 episode 9It feels like for Gotham season 4 episode 9 that someone spent a good many hours sitting down and watching repeats of Hannibal. After all, this episode was centered around a man in a pig mask singing a version of the “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago while forcing people to eat meat pies made from poor residents of the city.

Yes, it’s official: Professor Pyg may be the best and craziest villain on the show. Tonight was advertised (by him) as his final act, and he absolutely saved the best for last: He set up many of the most powerful people in the city — they were all in one room for a swanky dinner, and he went undercover as the chef. The main course? Meat pies … made from people. He also issued plenty of threats along the way. For one, he impaled Sofia Falcone’s hand; then, he threatened to kill Martin unless everyone finished their dinner.

Like any good masked villain, it appeared as though he was going to get his way until the good guy came in and spoiled the party. This time around, that person was Jim Gordon. The party quickly dispersed and after a pretty awesome fight scene on top of the table, Jim managed to topple the pig. He didn’t kill him, so consider that a sign that someday, this pig could cause some more problems in the future – and we really hope he does!

It was after the party we started to see some major headway made on a few different stories. For example, Sofia finally admitted to Oswald that she was involved in getting Jim the necessary promotion. The timing worked out for her — she showed what she was willing to do for Martin so Oswald was willing to forgive her for now. Jim and Sofia met up later and the two kissed. Does that make them a couple? In this case probably not. Instead, Oswald learned about the kiss and that’s going to cause problems.

Meanwhile, we saw the continued decline in party-boy Bruce Wayne. Remember when the kid respected Alfred like no one else? Well, tonight Bruce rebelled against him hard, invited all sorts of people over to Wayne Manor for some partying / occasional brooding. Alfred kicked many of these kids out, and eventually we started to get a sense as to why Bruce is acting the way he is: He’s not getting any solace in the aftermath of Ra’s al Ghul’s death, and he is starting to realize that there is no easy escape from the demons of his past.

CarterMatt’s Overall Take

Gotham season 4 episode 9 was emotional for Bruce, but above all else we’re going to remember it for the crazy/awesome sequences that we got with Professor Pyg. Meanwhile, the aftermath of the Jim / Sofia reveal is going to have huge blowback the moment Penguin decides to act on it.

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