The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 9 review: Flashback to 2010 and Howard’s mom

Big Bang Theory season 11It’s been a little while since we’ve had a new episode of The Big Bang Theory because of the Thanksgiving holiday last week, but it’s back with a brand new episode tonight. This episode is going to be bringing us back to the earlier days of the show with some flash backs. Why is the show going in this direction? Let’s find out!

This all started because the guys learned that all the bitcoin they mined 7 years ago is now worth $5000 for each one. This is turning into a bit of a Hangover situation where they are remembering things in pieces, especially since 7 years ago they cut Sheldon out of it and he won’t help them remember now.

First they all try to remember how many bitcoins they mined and to do that they are diving into Howard’s old laptop hoping it would be there. Unfortunately, Howard’s laptop doesn’t have it and they then think that it’s on Leonard’s laptop. Leonard remembers that he gave the laptop to Penny and she tells them that she gave it to her ex… Zack! With all the awesome guest stars they’ve already brought back this season, we’ve been waiting to see Brian Thomas Smith back on the show – and he did not disappoint us. He’s still the dumb tall drink of water he always was.

The fact that Penny gave his laptop to Zack during their break up years ago causes a bit of a fight. When they meet up with Zack he reveals that not only does he have the laptop, but that there’s a drunken video on there of Penny explaining why she broke up with him and that she was scared that if she kept dating him that they would get married and she wasn’t ready for that. It’s a really adorable video and shows us just how much she loved him, even when she was still trying to get up the courage to really commit to this relationship.

Once they get the laptop they take a look at the bitcoin folder and find it’s empty. Sheldon reveals that he went onto their computer years back, took the bitcoins and put it on the flash drive that Leonard carries with him… only to learn that Leonard lost it years ago. The punchline to the episode is that Stuart finds the flash drive in his store and decides to erase what’s on there so he can resell it for $10 bucks.

CarterMatt’s over all thoughts

There was a lot to like about this episode, and one of the things is seeing just how much this show and these characters have changed over the years! One of the things that we really loved about this episode was hearing Howard’s mother yelling at him. We know that Carol Ann Susi has passed away and because of that we never thought that we would ever hear that voice again, but they did this in a way that made us smile as we remembered her. We don’t know if this was actually spliced together sound bits from Susi, or if this was someone else playing her, but either way this was the highlight of the episode for us.

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