The Fosters season 5 episode 10: Could Callie and AJ get back together?

Callie and AJMrs. Carter: Is The Fosters season 5 episode 10 poised to mark a romantic reunion between Callie and AJ?

At the moment, it’s certainly not something that you can rule out. For one, it appears as though Callie and Aaron could be done thanks in part to his possessive nature and his jealousy — she wants to be loved, but she doesn’t want to be controlled. Beyond just that, it looks like a reconciliation between Callie and AJ could also just be a matter of convenience based on where the two of them are at the moment — and the feelings that they may still have. When AJ helped take part in the protest recently Callie may have been reminded in part of how she used to feel about him. Now, he is putting his neck on the line when it comes to helping Ximena. We know that Callie’s someone who cares tremendously about social issues and helping a Dreamer like Ximena is something that she’s intent on doing. That’s why she is currently staying in the church — it’s a sanctuary, and the ICE agents who are after her have no interest in dealing with the blowback that would come with going in there.

According to Entertainment Weekly when the show comes back Callie, Ximena, and AJ are all going to be stuck in the church for at least a little while — this is not going to be one of those cliffhangers that gets tied up quickly and then goes away. This does make some sense given the fact that ICE isn’t just going to wander off when they see her go into the church. Maybe they assume that she’ll have to leave there eventually, and maybe someone finds a way to bring Ximena food and everything else she needs to stay there for a little while.

In terms of what this extended stay means for Callie and AJ, it’s rather simple: This is going to give them some time to think more about some of the feelings that they have for each other. Maybe this leads to the two of them becoming a couple again, or maybe it just forges a deeper bond between the two and allows them to understand each other more than they have since the breakup.

The one thing that seems clear is that if the two start looking more and more like a couple reconnecting, that’s gotta be super-awkward for Ximena to be stuck in there as a third wheel. (Obviously, there are way more important things for her to worry about, but it’s still not something that is an altogether-great situation to deal with.)

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