The Flash season 4 episode 6 review: Meeting Clifford DeVoe; Dibney’s journey

Grant GustinTonight, The Flash season 4 episode 6 kicked off with a very fun sequence: Barry Allen doing his best to train Ralph Dibny as to how to be a superhero right in a little bit of a robbery. This guy kept trying to shoot Elongated Man, but because his skin was like rubber the bullets kept bouncing right off of him and hitting the guy instead. Classic Dibny, right? (We say that even though we’ve only met the guy two episodes ago.)

Not long after that we started to get a small sense of The Thinker and The Mechanic — by the way, she seems to be so much more concerned about the deviations in the plan than he is. Back at STAR Labs Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin were burning the candle at both ends trying to find a way to identify The Thinker once and for all. They determined that they needed some help, and this is when Harry decided that he would invited some of his “friends,” who really just turned out to be versions of himself from other Earths. You had Wolfgang Wells, Cyborg Wells, and our personal favorite, Matthew McConaughey Wells. Tom Cavanagh must have had a field day doing this.

As great as seeing a number of Wells iterations were in the episode, one of the larger problems came here in the form of the villain Mina. We’ve gotten some fun villains here and there but this one didn’t bring a whole lot to the table. She could bring inanimate objects to life and that was a really cool power, but at it felt like more of this story was about Dibny than it was her with Barry trying to teach him the rights and wrongs of being a hero. It was almost a rinse-and-repeat of Kid Flash except this time there were some different powers involved.

After a little girl ended up getting injured in the midst of a battle against Mina, Ralph was forced to understandably confront whether or not he was right for the job as hero — yet, the fact that he felt guilty about it proves that he was. He just has to work through some issues about how to handle pressure situations first. The bad news is that Mina wasn’t as taken care of as the group first thought. She was able to escape from jail by activating one of the CCPD’s new police suits.

Luckily, Mina did become an interesting villain by the end of the episode after she made the dinosaur skeleton come to life — it took a while to get to it but we’re all about watching any villain who manages to recreate Night at the Museum. The two guys stopped here again, and after that they had a chance to move forward.

The one Dibny problem

The character’s a lot of fun — save for the part of him that’s a perv. In the wake of some of the headlines off the show at the moment there were a couple of cringe-worthy lines in here. Someone needs to whip this guy into shape. (We were all about the show humiliating him a little with that ridiculous costume, which looked a little like him wandering around in a onesie.)

The aftermath of the story

Ralph ended up paying a visit to the little girl in the hospital to check on her, and that hopefully inspired him enough to cool off on some of his more unsavory personality traits. He’s learning what it means to be a hero.

At the end of the episode Barry and the STAR Labs team, with the help of the Wells team, were able to pinpoint the location of Clifford DeVoe once and for all. They thought they were ready to take him down, but upon arriving to his front door they were quick to discover that, all of a sudden, The Thinker looked completely normal and not strange at all! He’s not exactly doing much to appear as a threat.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Flash season 4 episode 6 started off really slow, but by the end of the episode we did have a really cool showdown with Barry and Ralph facing off with Mina in the museum. Also, we’re starting to get the sense of the coolness of Elongated Man’s powers.

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