Chicago PD season 5 on set: Jesse Lee Soffer previews Halstead episode

Jay HalsteadWednesday night’s Chicago PD episode will be on NBC before you know it, and all signs point to this being a huge hour for Jay Halstead. Not only that, but this is the beginning of a big Jay Halstead arc that is going to last over the course of several episodes as a whole!

Based on what Jesse Lee Soffer told CarterMatt at the One Chicago Day recently, it also appears as though the Jay character is going to venture down a dark path as a result of what’s coming up. With that, he could wrestle with a wide array of different challenges. Some of this could prove rather exciting for us as a viewer, but he could end up in a position where has to rely on some other people to help him get out of a bind.

As Jay slips into darkness, is someone like Voight going to be able to detect that and help him emerge from the other side? That’s something that Soffer touched on briefly to CarterMatt:

“Voight knows what you had for breakfast this morning, so I don’t think that Jay is going to get anything past him. I think that Jay is going to actually have to rely on Voight, and Voight, being the cop that he is with his history of getting things done in the gray area, you may see Voight making some decisions to protect Jay that are unsavory.”

If that doesn’t get you psyched for this episode we don’t quite know what will!

What are some specifics of the episode?

As you can see in the sneak peek over here, Jay’s journey down this path begins with him wanting to take on an undercover case that will utilize some of his skills as an Army Ranger. With his history, it does make a whole lot of sense for him to try to take this mission on. He knows that he brings a lot of valuable skills to the table and could be rather eager to utilize that.

However, things may not turn out as planned, and Jay is already entering this case as a man in pain. Just remember that he shot an innocent person earlier this season (by accident) and may still be dealing with that. Meanwhile, he is also struggling with the weight of Lindsay leaving and his life being upended.

Excited for this Jesse Lee Soffer storyline?

If you are feeling as eager about this as we are, we suggest that you share some of your thoughts on the matter below!

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