Law & Order: SVU season 19 episode 8 spoilers: Benson, Sheila problems ahead

SVU season 19 episode 8When Law & Order: SVU season 19 episode 8 airs on NBC on December 6, you are going to see more development for Benson and Sheila. Unfortunately in this case, it may not be altogether positive.

In the synopsis CarterMatt has for you below, you start to get the sense that Sheila may be overstepping her boundaries as she tries to prove herself as a wonderful addition to her grandson Noah’s family unit:

12/06/2017 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday) : The cops get tangled in an elaborate online hoax that leads to the rape of a popular social media star. Meanwhile, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) sets firm ground rules with Sheila (guest star Brooke Shields). Also starring Ice T (Det. Odafin Tutuola), Kelli Giddish (Det. Amanda Rollins), Raúl Esparza (ADA Rafael Barba) and Peter Scanavino (Det. Sonny Carisi). Also guest starring Gage Golightly (Katy Miller), Steve Howey (Andy “The Monster” McPherson), Tenea Intriago (Heather Parcell), Ryan Buggle (Noah Porter-Benson) and James Monroe Iglehart (Shawn Tompkins).

What exactly could Sheila be doing? There’s a good chance that she could be finding a way to make herself look better by making Benson look worse — or, maybe she’s just taking necessary bonding time away from Hargitay’s character. She knows that she doesn’t have a legal case to take Noah away from Olivia, and we do wonder if she, (as a result of that) is going to try and just win Noah over so much that he wants to live with her. If she can make Olivia look like the bad guy, that could be a jumping-off point for everything else that happens the rest of the way this season.

As for the case itself, this could be a timely episode that revolves around some of the nasty things that people do with some of the technology that is given to them. Social media can lead to bullying and at times so much worse — this time around, it could be some sort of conspiracy that causes someone to have an unspeakable crime committed against them. Whatever happens here will be a very difficult case for Olivia to sort through just because she’s going to have to figure out how to get answers without a lot of evidence pointing towards a single person. Depending on the origination of this hoax it could be a very difficult to unravel. There could be IP addresses masked or people trying to pose as someone else in order to get away with the crime.

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Remember that SVU season 19 episode 7 is going to air a little bit later in the month; head over to the link here to preview it now!

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