NCIS season 15 episode 8 video: Why is McGee in trouble?

NCIS season 15 episode 8What’s coming up on NCIS season 15 episode 8? Well, we’re getting very close to McGee and Delilah having their baby!

Tomorrow night’s episode will bring McGee and his wife only a few weeks away from welcoming their new boy or girl into the world, and this (ironically) is the main conflict that is driving the story forward this week. McGee is interested in learning the sex of the child, while this is something that apparently Delilah wants to keep a surprise. They are at odds on this subject, and apparently McGee has screwed up so badly in his fighting with her that he is forced to go give her the ultimate olive branch: Ordering her flowers and making sure that she feels valued and appreciated.

Is this causing McGee to change his mind at all on the subject of wanting to know the baby’s sex? Not entirely, though Torres has a good point — she is the one who has to do the majority of the work here, so shouldn’t she be the person who decides in the end as to whether or not to go through with this? We definitely feel like that makes some sense. It makes a whole lot more sense than the idea of Delilah being mad at McGee for using cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto as suggested in this sneak peek — given that this is mostly a single-screen offline game, why would she care? Don’t get us started on going down this rabbit hole since there are a lot of gamers on the CarterMatt staff and we could talk your ear off about video games until the cows come home.

Eventually this conversation turns to the subject of baby names before Gibbs comes in and does what he does best: Introduce the name of a new body and gets the team ready to go about their business of making sure they’re ready for the case of the week. Since Ducky is off on holiday break from his lecturing gig, apparently he is also going to be involved in the case, as well.

When will McGee and Delilah’s baby be born?

Think along the lines of later this month! Early details for the episode next week suggest that Delilah is going to go into labor early, which in turn suggests that Tim is going to be probably more stressed out than he has been at any point in his entire life. The rest of the team will be there for him, but in true NCIS fashion they also have to deal with another case. Nothing is ever so easy for these characters that they get to focus on just one issue and only that issue for all that long. Something else always comes up and complicates the story.

Excited for NCIS season 15 episode 8?

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