Fuller House season 3 episode 10 return date revealed: Netflix show’s back on…

Fuller House season 3 episode 10If you’re interested in learning when the Fuller House season 3 episode 10 return date is, you don’t have to look any further.

In the new post below (via the show’s official Twitter account), it is revealed by none other than cast member Candace Cameron Bure that the second batch of episodes is going to be streaming on Friday, December 22. That is cutting it very close to Christmas, isn’t it? If this was any other show we’d probably call this decision to be somewhat of a disaster; yet, this is Fuller House, and it is a show that really embraces airing at these odd times since it doesn’t have to worry about almost any competition at all.

Here’s why this return date works so well for this show in a way that it does not for others: This is the perfect holiday series. In the days around Christmas, most people have some time off where they can kick back, relax, and spend some time with people they care about. Fuller House is a perfect way to accent that. It’s nostalgic and may appeal to some adults out there because of that. Meanwhile, it’s also family-friendly and can be watched by parents with young kids at home. There aren’t many other entertainment options during this stretch of time so we’re feeling pretty confident that Fuller House is really the show that is going to be appealing more so than almost any other out there.

This should also prove very useful in the quest for there to be another season of the show beyond this, not that CarterMatt ever had any doubt. While this may not be one of Netflix’s most-discussed shows on social media evidence points to it being one of their most-watched. It validates even more the existence of their binge-watching model since these episodes are available for viewers immediately and they don’t have to sit through any commercials in order to check them out. This is an era where convenience is key and Netflix delivers!

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