The Good Doctor episode 8 preview: Shaun’s struggles at a robbery

The Good Doctor episode 8On The Good Doctor episode 8 airing on ABC next week, Dr. Shaun Murphy is going to find himself put to the test — with the twist being that he’s not even at the hospital when it happens.

There are two things with Shaun that don’t stop for him regardless of where he is or what he’s doing: He is a doctor, and he also has autism. One of these proves to be very helpful in the field when disaster strikes, but the other can pose some pretty substantial challenges in social situations or moments of crisis. Unfortunately, this does prove to be the case on next week’s new episode entitled “Apple.” The Good Doctor episode 8 synopsis CarterMatt has for you below sets up more of what we are actually talking about here:

During a robbery at the grocery mart Dr. Shaun Murphy is shopping at, his communication limitations puts lives at risk. Meanwhile, after Shaun’s traumatic day, Dr. Aaron Glassman worries that he isn’t doing enough to help Shaun.

While Shaun has experienced many victories since coming to this hospital, signs point to this episode being one where he has a major setback — and it’s understandable. If he did something that causes the robbery situation to worsen, he is the sort of person who would blame himself and beat himself up over that. Shaun wants nothing more than to help other people, and him putting lives in danger accidentally does not fit under that definition. This could cause him to doubt his abilities in everything and cause a ripple effect. If you love this character there is a tremendous reason to be concerned.

Hopefully, Shaun is starting to feel comfortable enough being at this hospital and working alongside Dr. Glassman that he can find a way to lean on them more for strength and encouragement. Hospitals are a team, and they have to rely on each other to get through some difficult times. This is definitely going to qualify as that for Shaun since it’s a very different sort of situation than one he is accustomed to. Everything within this robbery is entirely out of his control.

The promo below gives you a sense of what’s coming in this episode, and how some people at the robbery are going to be upset to learn that Shaun is one of the doctors potentially treating them after whatever he did to escalate the situation on the scene.

Do you think that Shaun is going to be able to bounce back on The Good Doctor episode 8, or will this prove to be too much for him? Share in the comments below now.

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