Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focuses on Trump Presidency in season finale

DACATonight, the season finale of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired on HBO — and, of course, the Trump Presidency was a focus.

Was it a little exhausting to focus on the subject again? Sure, but Oliver acknowledged that from the get-go. Yet, the reality is the situation is that Trump is inescapable — the man is everywhere and you really cannot avoid him.

What made Oliver’s segment so notable here is that he really honed in on some of the ridiculous things that were said over the past year by the Commander-in-Chief — and there may be many out there that you forgot about. Take, for example, him being creepy to the French President’s wife, him giving speeches in front of stacks of paper, and of course many of the things that he’s said about the press.

Of course, Oliver did spend a lot of time discussing the press, and that does make some sense — Trump’s done it for ages. Yet, this wasn’t just about how the media communicates with us; it’s also about how we communicate with each other because of that. A fine example of that is Fox News almost “teaching” its viewers how to deflect and bring up President Obama or Hillary Clinton any time that a statement is made that they disagree with.

The one issue with all of this

While we do love watching Oliver eviscerating Trump as much as the next person, we also love Last Week Tonight when there is something new to discuss. This felt almost like a clip show more than anything else for the first twenty or so minutes.

Things started to pick up for us when Oliver got around to discussing/destroying Roy Moore, and then also praising Danica Roem, a state legislator who is openly transgender and chose to took the high road against her bigoted opponent.

One thing that Oliver took on before departing for the season was promising that he would continue to use the Catheter Cowboy for commercials on Fox & Friends in the Washington DC in the weeks ahead. Therefore, Oliver’s impact is still felt even when he is not on the air. (The fact that Fox & Friends is really this influential — it’s Trump’s favorite show based on his Twitter account — is both sad and rather scary.)

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