Real Housewives of Atlanta preview: Sheree Whitfield blows up

Sheree WhitfieldBased on the preview for next week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Sheree Whitfield is going to be having a rough time.

Stop us when this sounds familiar: There’s going to be an argument revolving around a party. How often does this happen with this show? We’ve seen plenty of fights at parties, and then also plenty of fights leading up to parties because of someone doing something that goes awry in the planning.

In the preview Sheree’s fight leads to something that is also a bit of a franchise staple: Her getting incredibly angry before stripping off the microphone. There are so many interesting tactics to try to say “I’m done with you” on this show! Tonight, we saw another one: Hiding out in a car so that you can try to avoid talking to your “friend” in the midst of an awkward position.

We feel like Sheree is going to come around when it comes to the mic and everything else she’s got coming up — or at least we hope so given that she’s got a few different difficult things happening in her life all at the same time.

Will the show touch on the future of Porsha Williams and Shamea’s relationship? We hope so, given that what the two of them are dealing with is something that could actually change/alter their friendship in a huge way for a rather long time to come! Maybe Porsha does have a serious issue that keeps her from getting aboard the flight in coach — we just know that if we had a really close friend who was getting married and they really wanted us there, we would do almost everything that we could in order to find a way to make it happen. With that said, we’re not sure if we would have aired out all of the dirty laundry in the same way that Shamea did on the show, either. This is what makes the conflict so complicated — there are always so many layers added to the conflict when you throw it onto reality TV.

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