How TNT, Good Behavior are perfect model for Stana Katic’s Absentia

Absentia promo imagesWe’re nearing Thanksgiving, and you know what CarterMatt would be thankful to have? Some news regarding a potential US home for AbsentiaThe long-term status of the Stana Katic series in America has been a mystery for months now — it has a network, but for whatever reason this network is choosing to sit on the announcement.

Because of this, our mind has fluctuated all over the place when it comes to the right potential homes for the show. If we are thinking strictly in terms of networks that would generate the most viewership, you have to think that CBS would be the ideal home for it. However, if you’re looking to see a network home for the show that would be able to air the content largely unedited, it’s almost completely tailor-made for TNT.

We’ve been watching a really fun show this fall on TNT called Good Behavior, and while preparing our coverage for it a thought almost immediately came to mind: Is there really a better home out there for the series in terms of what they are trying to do? Good Behavior is a similar show in some ways — both have episodes that sometimes run longer than 45 minutes, and both have content that at times may be a little racy for broadcast TV. On basic cable you have a little more flexibility as to how long your episodes air and what you can get away with. While networks still control your content of course, they’re also a little more lenient.

We also do think that Absentia is a show that would benefit heavily from taking over the Good Behavior timeslot once that show is over. Think about it this way: Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern is not the most competitive time slot out there, so it wouldn’t have to contend with any network TV steamrollers elsewhere. Beyond that, the show also would not have to worry about NFL football — at least once you got to the other side of the Super Bowl.

Would we watch Absentia anytime, anywhere?

Absolutely, but if you are looking for a network home that won’t change the show much and a timeslot that makes sense, TNT may be able to provide both. They’ve also got a history of broadcast with Stana Katic programming given how often that they’ve aired episodes of Castle over the years.

Also important to note here is that the network has been very supportive of Good Behavior, giving it a second season even though the ratings are not great. Absentia is both edgy and very modern — therefore, it’s the sort of programming that TNT is coveting right now under programming head Kevin Reilly.

What do you think: Is TNT still at the top of your list of favorite potential homes for Absentia? Share now in the comments section below!

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