Poldark season 3 episode 7 (PBS): What Ross wishes he could say

Poldark season 3 episode 7While we would argue that last week’s Poldark had one of the most shocking moments of the season in the death of Aunt Agatha, this week definitely poured on some of the emotion. The conclusion to this installment brought you a Ross – Demelza conversation like no other given that there are two people who, despite their feelings for each other, are not laying their cards out on the table.

There’s a domino effect that is going on when it comes to their relationship woes, but unfortunately at the moment you have to blame Ross for kicking over some of these dominoes in the first place. He is the one responsible for some of the marital troubles dating back to his relationship with Elizabeth, and he is also the one who routinely does not listen to his wife, including when she is trying to encourage him to enter a career in politics or even bare his soul to her on some sort of emotional level.

What made the scene between these two characters so powerful at the end was that Ross had the ability to make their marriage drastically better with just a confession. We even saw him do it within his dream sequence — he told Demelza that while he did love Elizabeth, it was a different sort of love than what he once felt for her. It wasn’t romantic love, and their relationship was not one that was a threat to his marriage. He was happy to give himself body and soul over to Demelza and for the two parties to move forward in hopes of being happy together.

Yet, he just couldn’t bring himself to say it. Instead, Ross was a stone and Demelza doesn’t know everything in his heart.

One of the most valuable questions that you must be wondering as we move into the final episode of season 3 is this: Had Aidan Turner’s character been more open to share many of his feelings, don’t you think that in turn his relationship with Demelza would be different? Don’t you think that she wouldn’t be so keen to at least listen to some of Hugh Armitage’s advances? In many ways Ross is the unfortunate architect of his predicament and he, in turn, has made Demelza feel very much unloved. This is why she is starting to pay attention to another suitor, someone who has expressed affection for her in some of the grandest ways imaginable.

(Note: This is just a snapshot reaction piece to this episode. Head over here to read our full review from when it aired in the UK.)

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