Is there still hope for an Inhumans season 2 renewal over at ABC?

Inhumans season 2Is there a chance for an Inhumans season 2 at ABC, or can you go ahead and write off the renewal hopes now?

Prior to the show premiering this fall in IMAX theaters, the optimistic part of our brain wanted to think that this comic adaptation could work. While there may have been some bad buzz in select circles, there has been bad buzz for a ton of shows over the years and some turn out to be hits. Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory weren’t immediately well-received by all and they’ve since become two of the biggest franchise series on TV. There was a reason to have faith in Inhumans, whether it be great source material or a strong cast (Anson Mount was Emmy-worthy in Hell on Wheels). It didn’t hurt that it had the backing of a comic-book titan in Marvel who has shown that it can make movies and TV shows better than any other brand of its kind.

Unfortunately, something just didn’t work. The decision to go into IMAX for the premiere was, (in retrospect) a poor one. This was a TV show trying to showcase itself on a screen designed for movies with $100 million budgets. Its technical flaws were immediately apparent. The objective in making this move was obviously to generate positive buzz around the show in advance and it ended up doing the opposite. The Inhumans IMAX experience allowed for some to sour on the show and ignore some of the good things like the performances or some of the CGI work that was created on a limited budget. By the time it premiered on ABC in a terrible Friday-night timeslot, Inhumans never stood a chance.

This is why, regrettably, CarterMatt is here to inform you that the odds of an Inhumans season 2 are slim to none. ABC can write this off by saying that the show was meant to be a limited event series if they choose; it may be a smart decision for their brand to do so. It doesn’t change the notion that there would be a season 2 if the show performed better. It’s far too pricey for the ratings that it is receiving and with its reviews, it’s hard to imagine it having a significant life on a streaming provider. Pending some last-minute miracle like a high-powered Marvel executive developing mind control and forcing ABC to keep the show (something close to that may have happened with Agents of SHIELD already), Inhumans is almost certainly a goner.

Enjoy the finale if you’ve enjoyed the series; it’s probably all you’re getting unless one of these characters finds their way over to Agents of SHIELD in the future.

Do you still want an Inhumans season 2? What do you think it could look like? Share some of your thoughts on that subject below!

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