Arrow resolves the ‘who is Vigilante?’ mystery — in a rather ho-hum way

who is VigilanteWho is Vigilante? It’s a question we’ve been wondering in regards to Arrow for a solid year now, and Thursday episode provided answers.

With that said, we’re not entirely sure that this is the answer we wanted. We loved the rumor that it was Curtis’ ex Paul, or the ones that linked him to Pike. We really dug the idea of it being a secret twin of Adrian Chase to pay homage to the comics.

Unfortunately, it was none of these people. It was Vince Sobel, the ex of Dinah Drake who was presumed dead last season when we learned that, years ago, he was shot at the time in which she got her powers as a meta in Central City. It just turned out that he developed powers of his own that turned him into the Arrow version of Luke Cage.

Speaking about this reveal to TVLine, the actress behind the Dinah role in Juliana Harkavy passed along the following message about when she first found out:

“I think it was around Episode 3 that [supervising stunt coordinator and sometime-director] James Bamford came and told me, ‘OK, this is what’s happening … It was a shock, but it seemed to fit, and I could make it work in my wheelhouse of what is real for Dinah. So I was excited about it. I love the storyline.”

We will say this — when it comes to the Dinah Drake character this was a really cool reveal and should give her good material. Not that she’s been necessarily short on that for most of this season, but we’re glad that the writers are giving her an adversary that is more uniquely her own.

Also, it’s going to be rather tough to take out a villain who can’t be harmed by bullets. That poses a good challenge for the writers.

The Vigilante reveal — and the ensuing letdown — is mostly the byproduct of the writers waiting a good year before giving us a sense of who was under the mask (too much build up). Also, we met this character before we even met Dinah Drake, which raises more questions about why he wanted to cause chaos in Star City and unleash carnage here. We’ll see where this story goes, mostly because it’s hard to sometimes judge a reveal when it’s first shown off. At first, the idea of Adrian Chase being Prometheus wasn’t all that exciting, but over time the writers proved to be worthy of our trust in the story.

Did you find the Vigilante reveal on tonight’s Arrow episode satisfying?

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