Major Crimes: Take a first look at Shandy’s wedding (photos)

Shandy's weddingCode red Major Crimes fans, the first images of Commander Sharon Raydor and Lieutenant Andy Flynn’s wedding have been released!

First released by Entertainment Weekly, the two photos (posted at the bottom of the article) are official wedding shots showing the bride and groom together and the wedding party. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and pretty much will make fans beg for Part 5 of Sanctuary City. Plus, the photos given the impression that it will be the grand event the fans were hoping the wedding would be. So let’s take a look at the two photos individually.

The bride and groom – Well, it certainly is amazing to see the happy couple smiling, especially after we know it certainly won’t be an easy walk to the end of the aisle. The official synopsis for Sanctuary City Part 5 is:

“Raydor finds herself struggling with her work and personal commitments. In the episode, as the case of the St. Joseph’s Three heads to an unexpected conclusion, the commander attempts to balance the case, her family arriving, and her fast-approaching wedding to Lt. Andy Flynn.”

So course Sharon’s life is going to get complicated. She has the job of finding the two remaining lost boys, making sure her family that is coming in has everything they need, and she has to make sure her wedding is exactly how she wants it. It’s a lot to worry about it. However, as we have mentioned various times before that showrunner and creator James Duff is making the walk to the altar even more stressful:

“She tries to stop her wedding with Andy Flynn, and that’s a big surprise because she’s not the kind of person to do something like that.”

Why would she do this? Well we recently have published an article that detailed reasons why we think Sharon might try to stop her wedding. The good news for fans is that these photos confirm there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The wedding party – The whole gang is here to celebrate a couple that if you’re a long time fan, you would have never guessed would have fallen in love. The photo shows the bride and groom front and center surrounded by their co-workers, but more importantly their friends and, of course, family. It’s a heartwarming moment for fans and it makes a want the episode even more so. One side note to point out about this photo is Rusty. He’s wearing a different color tie from the rest of the group. Could this have anything to do with his surprise request from Sharon and Andy? Maybe, but we just thought it was interesting to point out.

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Shandy's wedding

Shandy's wedding

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