Doctor Who season 11: First official Josie Whittaker photo released

Jodie Whittaker photoWe now have our first official Jodie Whittaker photo released for Doctor Who season 11, and with that, we have a sense of what the new Doctor could look like.

This image (see the full one below) comes courtesy of the BBC, and we have to say that in between the rainbow effect on the shirt and the suspenders, there’s a serious Mork from Mork & Mindy vibe going on here. Yet … we also like it. It’s different, but not too different. It’s not the most over-the-top costume in the history of Doctor Who, but it is one that is still in the vein of many other costumes over the years. The show isn’t changing The Doctor because a woman is playing her (one of the fears that was out there); instead, this honors some of the previous costumes worn by Doctors while giving you something new and interesting at the same time.

Logistically, though, we do gotta say that the jacket/robe/whatever that is looks like it’ll probably fall off anytime she runs more than a couple of seconds. It’s also pretty windy in Wales where the show by and large films.

There are a few other cool things that CarterMatt loves about the photo, from the surrealistic sky to the way in which there are tiny hills within the grass. While this is clearly a photo from Earth (where else would it be?), the show did a good job painting this to make it look a little bit more alien. It’s a really beautiful photo and the Tardis is well-placed.

This costume reveal follows up the recent season 11 cast reveal focusing Whittaker and some of the other actors who will populate her world. It looks as though the new season is going for more of an ensemble feel with three other main characters beyond The Doctors — there’s no guarantee that all of these people will be Companions, but they’re all going to have their own sort of role in the story one way or another.

We’re sure the internet will have MANY opinions on this just because it’s the internet and — well, that’s what we do. (For the record, a simple Twitter search indicated that we’re far from the only person out there at the moment making the Mork comparison.)

What do you think about this new Jodie Whittaker photo? Does this make you more excited to see Doctor Who season 11? Share your thoughts and reactions to the subject below!

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Jodie Whittaker

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