American Horror Story: Cult finale spoilers: The war is here

American Horror Story: Cult finaleThe American Horror Story: Cult finale is coming to FX on Tuesday night, and if you’re expecting chaos, then you’ll be happy to know that’s what you’re getting. The stage is set for one of the biggest finales for the show in years, and there’s a chance that this season could end stronger than most others in recent memory. Personally, we liked the ending of Roanoke, but beyond that Coven is probably the only season that ended in a truly satisfying way – well Murder House as well if you just don’t watch the last episode where they dragged it out beyond what was needed.

At the end of this past episode, we starting to see Kai and his modern empire-of-sorts starting to crumble. Can Ally or someone else figure out a way to stop him for good? Sarah Paulson’s character may be mourning, but she’ll have to figure out a way to push some of that grief to the side for the time being.

Will Ryan Murphy give this season a somewhat-happy ending? While we’re not altogether sure that “happy” is the right way in which to describe it, since we don’t get the sense that they want viewers to come out of watching this thinking that Kai has won. That doesn’t set a great parallel for their vision on the future of America.

We’ve got some other subjects we want to discuss here, but first check out the American Horror Story: Cult finale promo that CarterMatt has for you below.

The biggest surprise of this season

This show is still averaging good ratings for cable, but we’re almost surprised at just how little mainstream attention the show is getting — that’s especially interesting when you consider that the subject matter, (in theory), is more attention-grabbing than any other season in recent memory.

So what’s going on here? If we had to make some sort of argument about it, we’d say that it’s tied in one form or another to escapism. Horror is often very different from real life. We think that there’s such a thirst in entertainment right now to get away from the era that we’re in that watching an hour-long reminder of it is rough. Sure, this show is an aggrandized form of reality, but political fatigue is a real thing these days. We know that over the past year we especially have steered clear of comment threads outside of CarterMatt just because of how vile they’ve become with people trying to inject politics into everything when sometimes people just need a break.

American Horror Story: Cult is currently averaging its lowest ratings for the franchise ever, and the October 31 episode was its lowest-rated to date. Some of this may be ironically due to it being Halloween (you’d think in theory that would help it), and the other part of it was probably due to the World Series.

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