NCIS season 15, episode 8 review: The Gabriel Hicks case is far from over

NCIS season 15Last time on NCIS season 15 we were introduced to a man named Hicks – he’s smart, sympathetic, and also a complete psychopath. After alleging that he was jailed for a crime he didn’t commit for 10 years, Gibbs was able to help get him freed. What he didn’t realize is that there is something a lot darker to this character and that Gibbs and Sloane were played by this guy who is now a free man. The reveal at the end of this episode was so brilliantly done that we just can’t wait for this guy to show up on another episode in the future. He won this battle, but we suspect that Gibbs will win the war.

Tonight we are going to be having a bit more of a focus on McGee as he and Delilah get ready to become parents. They are facing a struggle that many parents to be out there face – whether or not to find out the sex of their baby before hand or to leave it as a surprise. McGee wants to know, but Delilah is steadfast against it. After a bit of a fight (actually sounds like it was a pretty big blow up based on the amount of money he’s spending on sending her flowers), McGee takes a step back. Both Bishop and Torres think is the right move. With only a few weeks left before Delilah delivers, there’s no need to further stress her out, it’s not much longer until all is revealed anyhow. Eventually she decides that they should know after finding that they are having twins! It’s a boy AND and girl.

We may not have gotten any more movement on Hicks after last week, but we did get a sign in this episode that it’s far from over. During tonight’s case of the week (involving a ‘psychic’ and a murder), we had a very brief moment of Gibbs at his house eating popcorn and looking at a picture of Gabriel Hicks, so we know he will be back and we couldn’t be more excited about this! He’s one of the best bad guys we’ve seen on NCIS so far this season – He’s smart, sympathetic and got away with murder right under Gibbs’ nose. It’s not often we have a criminal pull one over on Gibbs, so when we get one, it’s incredibly exciting.

CarterMatt overall thoughts

The case of the week wasn’t as interesting as we hoped it would be (especially after the Hicks case last week!), but the storyline of McGee and Delilah having a baby spat was a nice lead up to next week’s episode that will have Delilah going into labor early. We are pumped for a baby McGee! We have watching this character grow so much over the years and the idea of him becoming a father is going to make for some great storylines as he muddles through fatherhood.

We also can’t end this review without noting that with all of Gibbs’ nay saying about not believing in ghosts or hearing voices, it was rather cool to see him hearing the voice of Mike Franks (and seeing him in a brief cameo.

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