Scorpion season 4 episode 7 review: Meet Florence; Walter, meet nuance

Scorpion season 4 episode 7On Scorpion season 4 episode 7 entitled “Go with the Flo(rence),” we had yet another instance of something that’s become standard on the show as of late: The case of the week failing to make an impact on the same level as some of the personal stuff.

We’re not saying this necessarily as a slam against the case-of-the-week stories as of late, but it is clear that Scorpion has somewhat of a problem when it comes to getting individual cases to stand out. Thematically they are bringing something similar to the table almost every week and as a result of that, they all tend to get a little lost in the shuffle. Tonight, the mission was collaborating with a woman in Gemma — someone who Paige did not completely trust — in order to ensure that there wasn’t a nuclear meltdown that took place across the Los Angeles sewers. We went into the sewers at one point and had Sylvester all caught up in the muck, but other than that the case in itself wasn’t altogether memorable.

Instead, one of the more important things at the center of this episode was communication between Walter and Paige. When Paige had a “vibe” on Gemma, at first it seemed like he wasn’t altogether interested in listening. Yet, it turned out that he got the hint during the mission and changed things up so that Gemma didn’t get what she wanted from the team after being duplicitous with them.

Meanwhile, Cabe got a lesson in the importance of opening up after he tried to shy away from taking his sessions with Toby seriously. He didn’t want to attend at first, but he’s continued going and we hope that he’s starting to get something out of it.

Finally, Ralph acted out on his crush! He did that in the form of making a gift for Patty — this may not turn into anything in the end, but at least Ralph is getting some experience in the dating realm.

Oh, and let’s talk Florence

She is a chemist who is renting the next-door warehouse. She got very annoyed when the team was loud and therefore tried to stink up the joint with sulfur. Following that, the two parties forged an arrangement — she’s still not the friendliest person in the world, but there’s peace at least for now.

CarterMatt Verdict

Didn’t everyone learn something this week? Well, we learned that Florence may have more in common with Walter and the team than we first thought (she’s also a nerd and a social outcast), and Walter learned about some better ways to communicate with Paige — sometimes it’s about nuance rather than the black and white. This was a fun episode, and it had a super-sweet moment at the end with Walter admiring Paige without her beauty products.

What did you think about Scorpion season 4 episode 7?

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