Major Crimes: promo for Sanctuary City Part 2 shows the drama has just begun

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Major Crimes  returned last week with a bang! The new case is going to have the squad occupied for a bit, and rightfully so. The case has only just begun and with last week’s episode ending with (Warning: Spoilers ahead) one of the boys dead, CarterMatt is expecting everything to get a lot more complicated.

The latest promo for the “Sanctuary City Part 2” reveals that the squad definitely has a difficult challenge ahead of them. The episode appears to pick up right where the first episode left off, with the squad at the crime scene of the dead diabetic boy. We can probably guess the team will begin with figuring out what else could have killed the boy? Was he shot, abused, stabbed? Or did he just die because he didn’t have access to insulin? These are all questions the team will have answers to hopefully by the hour’s end. However, answering these questions will probably only lead to more. Without a doubt, there will be more twists and turns in this investigation.

One twist that was revealed during the promo was that the FBI suddenly has an interest in their case, for reasons we have yet to figure out. During the promo, someone mentions material witnesses. Could the boys have been involved in an FBI case as witnesses? It would certainly keep the team on their toes. At this point, they seem to be uncovering more details than they are solving anything. However, as we have seen before with this show, the team always discovers more so that they can put the pieces together later. This squad is known for being able to connect the dots, whether it just pops into someone’s head, or eventually one piece of evidence leads them to it – they always solve the case.

Near the end of the promo, we also get a chance to see how tough Detective Camila Page is when she punches a man we have yet to meet. We can only hope she punches this man because he is preventing the team from doing their jobs. When we first met this Camila, she didn’t make the best first impression, to anyone other than Lieutenant Provenza. At this point she isn’t everyone’s favorite and definitely needs to gain some points with the squad.

Either way, we can’t wait to see where this investigation will go!

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